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Is your home not feeling as warm as it used to in the Winter months? Are hot Summers starting to feel uncomfortable indoors? Don’t sacrifice another minute of your comfort in your home and contact Comfort Masters. We have been providing professional and quality air conditioning and heating in Madisonville, LA and surrounding areas for the past 19 years.

You’ll love our professional, meticulous and friendly demeanor. Check our reviews and you’ll know in advance that you’ll be taken care of like a true friend or a member of our family. We want you comfortable all year round, and confident in having us as your trusted HVAC company. Doesn’t matter the time of day. If your furnace starts to malfunction, or gives out on you virtually out of the blue on a freezing Winter night, we want you to call us to come set the record straight. It would be our pleasure to bring peace of mind back in your life and indoor air.

Madisonville LA
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Does My Furnace Need Servicing?

The result of a lack of regular heating maintenance can lead to increasing problems over time. Perhaps the worst part is that these tend to get more expensive to fix too. They include higher energy costs, unexpected breakdowns, and a restless home environment. Comfort Masters is here to solve any and all of your heating problems. From repair, replacement, and to maintenance, you can count on us at Comfort Masters.

Some common heating issues we handle:

Maybe you are looking for alternative heating methods? We can help you with radiant heating installation and heat pump services. These prove to be more energy efficient compared to central heating, but they are not for every household. Every home is different so give us a call to find out if your home would benefit from these alternative heating systems!

Troubleshooting AC Problems

When homeowners call us for AC help, they mostly report leaking, lack of cool air, or strange sounds coming from their unit. These are all standard signs that your AC is probably due for service.

Upon arriving at your home, we will ask you some questions about what you’ve been experiencing, duration of it happening, and the age of your AC. We will then go in for the inspection. All the electrical and mechanical components will be checked. The thermostat will also be checked to get an accurate diagnosis for the unit. Getting to the root of the problem is critical. If the source of the problem isn’t addressed, you’re essentially just putting a bandage over it and it is bound to reoccur.

Let Comfort Masters eliminate the source of that problem, and you get a healthier and more efficient AC! We offer fantastic 24 hour AC and heating repair and dependable AC service in Madisonville, LA, and nearby areas!

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