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AC & Furnace Repair Services Kenner LA

What are some of the services offered by Comfort Masters?

We offer top quality A/C repair, ventilation and heating, sheetrock, painting and general repairs 24/7 – so call us today for a free quote!

Often operating throughout the year, air-conditioning equipment is vital for health as well as comfort in Louisiana’s semi-tropical climate. Smart homeowners don’t wait until minor problems escalate into major breakdowns – usually during a heatwave! As soon as odd noises, strange smells or leaks appear, they call in the HVAC experts at Comfort Masters in Kenner, LA. Comfort Masters are the heating and cooling company in Kenner LA that you can rely on for exceptional service, no matter how big or small the job is. 

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When to call for expert ac services in Kenner LA

When soaring temperatures overburden cooling systems, problems arise. And ignoring them – instead of calling immediately for 24-hour A/C repair services – results in damage to delicate equipment and possibly an expensive replacement AC system. Here are some of the warning signs requiring prompt attention:

Many problems can be avoided through regular A/C maintenance services. When a system won’t turn on at all, or rooms stubbornly remain too warm, the thermostat might be broken, its batteries might need changing, or the circuit breaker might have tripped. We have trained professionals who specialise in air conditioning in Kenner LA and they are ready to serve you!

Where to find dependable Heating Services in Kenner LA

Although heating systems are often used for only a couple of months each year in Louisiana, annual furnace maintenance is still crucial. Professional furnace tune-ups include thorough examinations of the entire system, putting in clean air filters, and cleaning dirt and grime from fans, pilot lights and heat exchangers.

The best furnace services include a quick duct inspection as well. This is where dust, smoke, pollen and dander accumulate unseen, contaminating airflows carrying these odorous particles everywhere. Worse still, germs, bacteria and viruses thrive under these conditions – so duct cleaning is often recommended, as this is a vital step for ensuring healthy indoor air.

Deciding between furnace repair services and replacement

Budget-minded homeowners know that older HVA/C systems become increasingly inefficient and more expensive to run. So if a heating system is more than fifteen years old and furnace repair services will cost more than a couple of thousand dollars, it’s time to consider a new furnace installation.

With replacement costs hovering around $5,000 for a modern, energy-efficient model, this is actually a smart investment in family health and comfort. A new furnace installation will pay for itself well within its working life, through lower monthly utility bills, while keeping homes safer and healthier. That’s a real bargain! Heating and AC services in Kenner LA should be both effective and efficient to ensure that you’re getting your money’s worth!

For a free quote, call the experts at Comfort Masters for expert A/C and heating services in Kenner, LA: 504-914-5607.Our HVAC Services in Kenner LA are top quality at prices you can trust.


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