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UV Lights Metairie LA

If you’re in need of UV Lights Services in Metairie LA, you’ve come to the right place! Comfort Masters offer high quality UV lights in Metairie, LA: call 504-914-5607 for expert help.

Professionally installed UV lights keep homes and offices far healthier, by killing airborne bacteria, mould spores and viruses.

Comfort Masters provides AC repair, ventilation and heating, sheetrock, painting and general repairs in Metairie, LA, and surrounding areas. Contact us to learn how UV lights in Metairie LA, keep indoor air healthier.

Most people spend at least twelve hours at home every day, breathing around 960 times an hour. This is why pure air is so important for staying healthy. Filters can trap larger particles like dust, pollen and dander, but fail to catch microscopic germs, bacteria and viruses. To eliminate them, ultraviolet rays are needed, which can be installed easily through UV lights.

What other services can you get from Comfort Masters?

We offer customized UV lights solutions, as well as A/C repair, ventilation and heating, sheetrock, painting and general repairs.

Are UV lights for HVA/C safe?

Disinfecting the air we breathe before it enters our lungs, uv lights for HVAC are the best way to ensure pure air in homes and offices. By killing mold spores, germs, bacteria and viruses, UV lights prevent infections from spreading from person to person, when in close contact. Here are some of the many advantages of these powerful light rays:

Why should you choose Comfort Masters for your UV light needs?

Not only do UV lights ensure better health, they also offer savings. By keeping HVAC equipment clean and sanitized, fewer repairs are needed, with a longer working life, less maintenance and lower monthly utility bills. This is why installing safe, and efficient UV lights for HVAC systems is a cost-effective way of keeping ailments away while saving money. We at Comfort Masters are experts in HVAC UV Lights Service Metairie LA, because we’re efficient while keeping costs as low as possible.

Types of UV lights in Metairie, LA

In general, two kinds of UV lights are available: coil sterilization (the most common type of uv lights in Metairie, LA) and air sterilization. Coil sterilization targets problem-prone components such as filters, condensation pans, and cooling coils, hampering the growth of bio-contaminants in hard-to-reach areas like narrow grooves, seams and fins. Running 24/7 inside the return air duct, a stick-type UV light sterilizes the air handler coil.

Also known as in-duct UV lighting, air sterilization purifies airstreams as they cycle through the ductwork. A complete UV light unit installed in the return air duct sterilizes these airstreams, cycling on and off with the air handler blower. By increasing the reflective surfaces in this section, these UV lights for HVAC ensure promote healthier living, with better operating efficiency and long-term savings.

How can you contact Comfort Masters for UV Light Services in Metairie, LA?
Contact us at 504-914-5607 for UV lights, A/C repair, ventilation and heating, sheetrock, painting and general repairs in Metairie, LA.


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