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RGF Disclosure in Metairie LA


RGF’s Online Selling Policy

To our valued customers: RGF has maintained a “NO ONLINE SELLING” policy for our various RGF product lines and RGF equipment for many years.

We do agree however, that the Internet is a tremendous resource offering access to a wealth of information on virtually any product or service. While we recommend using the Internet for researching our products and a variety of technologies such as Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and HVAC air purification systems, industrial water treatment and food sanitation systems, we strongly urge you to be wary of sites offering such products for direct sale. These sites will require you to arrange for installation yourself and will void any warranty coverage on your purchase.

Risks of purchasing equipment and RGF products online 

RGF has been in the business of designing and manufacturing high quality environmental equipment since 1985. All of our RGF products are sold through authorized and trained distributors, dealers and/or contractors and our industrial water treatment and food sanitation systems, as well as indoor air quality equipment, are intended to be installed by qualified professionals only. In order to function safely and properly, they must be designed and sized specifically for your home or commercial/industrial building and site evaluations must be performed for most of the water/food applications. These systems include dealing with electrical, HVAC, gas, and water connections (for water systems), which are regulated by a variety of laws, building codes, or guidelines. Failure to properly install a system can lead not only to performance issues, but also safety concerns or property damage. Warranty coverage will also be affected, due to improper installation, by a non-qualified technician.

Given the complexities of HVAC systems and site and plant complexities for industrial water/food systems, RGF requires those who sell our RGF products to install them for their customers, and provide the minimum manufacturer’s warranty and follow up service, when needed. A website that offers to sell you RGF equipment as well as RGF products without including the installation and warranty is violating our terms and conditions and may not be a legitimate RGF Dealer. We also cannot guarantee the authenticity of any product that is sold on the web purporting to be a new or authentic RGF product. We have received complaints from customers who have purchased supposedly new RGF products on the web only to find out upon receipt, that they were warranty returns (damaged), or stolen merchandise or just not what they ordered – a complete bait and switch. Also, online sellers many times will not take returns or warranty the product. As a result, we highly recommend you purchase RGF products only from independent authorized and trained RGF Dealers/ Contractors/Distributors and to be aware of any individual or company purporting to offer RGF products for sale on the internet.

Use of our graphics, copyrights, and trademarks is specifically prohibited for online sales.


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