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Air Sanitation in
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Air Sanitation Services in Metairie LA

Do you find yourself in need of an air sanitation service Metairie LA? We’re your answer! Call us today for affordable air sanitation services in Metairie LA, and surrounding areas.

Just like your home requires cleaning to keep it free of germs, your HVAC system does too. A professional technician is needed to clean your HVAC system and ensure it is not contributing to poor indoor air quality in your home.

At Comfort Masters, we provide comprehensive air sanitation services in Metairie, LA, that significantly improves your home’s indoor air quality and eradicates bacterial buildup on your HVA/C system.

We offer air sanitation in Metairie, LA, that will not break the bank. Our services include air duct spray services, duct inspections, and much more. Contact us today for all of your air sanitation Metairie LA needs!

How Do We Sanitize An Air Duct System?

We start by cleaning your HVAC system’s air ducts. Once that is done, our professional technicians use a ULV (Ultra Low Volume) fogging machine to move the fog of an antimicrobial and antibacterial solution into your duct system, usually across the air vents. This gets rid of any bacterial buildup. This process covers the whole of your system’s surface and also creates a microfilm within an air duct that effectively prevents new microorganisms from getting in. We guarantee that if you have an air duct system in Metairie LA, we’re the reliable service provider that will have it working as good as new!

Necessary Precautions During Duct Sanitation

While carrying out duct sanitation, every professional technician should take precautionary measures. Some of such measures are;

Common Causes Of Indoor Air Pollution

What are some of the other services offered at Comfort Masters?

In addition to air sanitation services, we also offer furnace services, ductless heating, sheetrock, painting, general repairs, plumbing services, AC services, indoor air quality, and duct cleaning services in Metairie, LA. Our services are fast and reliable.

What should you choose Comfort Masters as your preferred HVAC service provider?

At Comfort Masters, we are meticulous in our work. Our satisfaction is in providing you the best air sanitation services. Are you looking for air sanitation in Metairie, LA, and surrounding areas? Our HVAC Services in Metairie LA are both reliable and affordable, for your convenience.

Call us today at 504-914-5607 to discuss your air sanitation system needs.


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