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For 5-star furnace repair Metairie LA: call the experts at 504-285-9110 for fast, efficient help.

As the days grow shorter and temperatures drop, smart homeowners check their heating systems and schedule furnace repairs well in advance of cold snaps.

Comfort Masters at furnace repairs in Metairie LA also provides air conditioning, ventilation and heating, sheetrock, painting and general repairs in Metairie, LA, and surrounding areas. Contact Comfort Masters any time for a free quote.

Modern heating systems are designed to run quietly and unobtrusively. So when strange noises are heard, it’s time to pay close attention, as fast and efficient furnace services Metairie LA might be needed. Here’s why:

So when furnaces make strange noises, call in the experts immediately. Backed by almost twenty years of experience, our certified technicians can provide a wide variety of furnace repairs that keep families safe and warm in their homes.

Always there when needed with emergency furnace repair!

It’s not only odd noises that sound the alert when furnace repair is needed. Unusual smells are also warnings that something is wrong. Turn the furnace off, open all windows and stay outside while waiting for professional furnace repair services. Fast and immediate response for your furnace repair service in Metairie LA

Gases are particularly dangerous in homes. Natural gas is odorless, which is why utility companies add stinky mercaptan to it, as everyone reacts immediately to the stench of rotten eggs. A chemical smell is even more dangerous, indicating a cracked heat exchanger, stepping up fire risks and with the possibility of carbon monoxide fumes spreading throughout the house.

Where can I get furnace repair near me?

Budget-friendly cost for furnace repair

Keeping furnaces running peak efficiency is more than a smart way of saving money on utilities while staying warm and comfortable. It’s a matter of safety as well, so furnace repairs and furnace maintenance should always be handled by a licensed contractor. Furnace repair costs can reach up to $300, while repairs to more complex (and more hazardous) gas furnaces might top $1,000.

It might seem a lot – but it’s actually a bargain, compared to the risks of explosion and carbon monoxide leaks. A trained furnace repair technician makes sure that ignition is not delayed, preventing gas buildups, while also ensuring that carbon monoxide is properly vented outside, through a leak-proof exhaust pipe.

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