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Furnace Installation and Replacement in Metairie LA


Heating Installation and Replacement Services in Metairie LA

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As soon as odd noises and smells start to appear, it’s time to consider a new furnace installation, with furnace replacement services in Metairie LA keeping families safe and warm throughout the winter months.

Comfort Masters provides air conditioning, ventilation and heating, sheetrock, painting and general repairs in Metairie, LA, and surrounding areas. For a free quote, contact Comfort Masters any time.

The right time for a new furnace installation Metairie, LA

If rooms remain chilly despite steadily-rising utility bills then it’s time to think about installing a new furnace with furnace replacement services for reasons of safety and comfort. For easier planning, here’s a quick overview of what’s involved:

Furnace replacement Metairie LA is about choosing the right model. It is vital, as underpowered or overpowered furnace systems are either inadequate or expensive; a licensed contractor can draw up a heat load calculation that ensures maximum comfort with energy efficiency and with furnace installation Metairie LA.

Calling professional furnace installation services in Metairie LA is now top priority. 

Finally, the entire system must be tested, with the new furnace in place and all the connections completed. Now, far-sighted homeowners can look confidently ahead to decades of safe and cozy comfort, knowing that their homes are warmed and protected by trained technicians providing professional furnace installation services in Metairie LA.

Looking for the best furnace installation near me

Smart homeowners know that opting for the best furnace installation near me is a sure-fire way of saving money over the long term. Unlike other furnace installation companies, you will be steered by expert advice from a licensed contractor with almost two decades of experience. It’s easy to choose an appliance that will keep families snug on even the coldest nights.

Better still, some modern furnaces have two speeds – and as the low-speed setting is often enough for Louisiana’s mild winters, a new furnace might well be far quieter than an older single-stage model.

Advantages of a new furnace

Installing a new furnace offers triple benefits: more warmth, more safety, and more savings! The latest models are up to 30% more energy-efficient than older equipment. As an extra bonus, tax rebates and incentives are available for some Energy Star models.

Naturally, furnace installation costs vary by home size, fuel source and model. Averaging out at around $4000 for a normal family home, these outlays are quickly recouped through significantly lower utility bills.

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Contact Comfort Masters at 504-914-5607 for air conditioning, ventilation and heating, sheetrock, painting and general repairs in Metairie, LA.


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