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Duct Work Repairs Services

At some point or the other, you’re going to find yourself in need of ductwork repair services in Metairie LA. It is important to choose a professional who you can rely on. Comfort Masters are a contracting company that you can put your trust in. They offer ductwork repairs in Metairie, LA: call 504-914-5607 for rapid, expert help that never disappoints!

 It’s easy to postpone ductwork repairs, or even ignore them, because problems can’t be seen until they build up significantly.

What other services can I get from Comfort Masters?

Comfort Masters provides ductwork repairs, A/C repair, ventilation and heating, sheetrock, painting and general repairs in Metairie, LA, and surrounding areas. Contact us for a free quote on fast and efficient ductwork repairs.

When utility costs rise and room temperatures refuse to stay down, it’s time to think about professional ductwork repairs near me. Instead of channeling cooled air to stuffy rooms, damaged ductwork allows it to escape outside, wasting electricity and pumping up bills.

Finding the best ductwork repair near me

Year after year, dust and other pollutants accumulate in HVAC ducts, with lower air quality and higher utility bills. The solution is easy: look for the best ductwork repair near me. Sealing leaky ducts and replacing damaged insulation ensures even temperatures in every room. There are many reasons why ductwork repairs are needed – here are just a few of them to call Comfort Masters for duct repairs Metairie LA:

In areas where damage is more extensive, with severe crushing, missing components or cracked joints, the quickest and most cost-effective solution is simply to replace the entire section. Once a flexible tube is crushed or severely torn, ductwork repairs are usually inefficient and certainly not cost-effective. Our technicians make sure that when they’re advising you on duct repair services in Metairie LA, they’re giving you the best and most efficient solution that caters to your specific needs which sometimes includes a replacement rather than a repair service.

Comparing replacement prices with ductwork repair costs

As ducts age, they may rip or develop holes that need patching, to avoid soaring utility costs. Depending on size and ease of access, ductwork repair costs may range from $300 to $900. Budget-wise homeowners compare these repair costs to the price of new ductwork, at around $15 to $27 per linear foot, always recalling that labor costs rise for areas that are hard to access.

Why is it important to call Comfort Masters to have my ductwork repairs done timeously? 

There’s an added safety factor in ductwork repairs that is beyond price: back drafting risks are minimized for combustion gases like carbon monoxide.  Released by fuel-burning appliances (like water heaters and furnaces), these dangerous gases can get sucked back into duct systems and then circulated around homes.

Contact us at 504-914-5607 for ductwork repairs in Metairie, LA to enjoy our service.

Contact us at 504-914-5607 for ductwork repairs in Metairie, LA, as well as A/C repair, ventilation and heating, sheetrock, painting and general repairs.


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