Signs You Require Furnace Maintenance in Metairie, LA!


If you live in a colder climate, then you know that the furnace is an essential piece of equipment for your home. It keeps everyone warm during the winter and provides heat on those hot summer days. But how do you tell when it’s time to schedule a maintenance visit? The following are signs that may indicate to schedule furnace maintenance in Metairie, LA:

Your heating bills have increased significantly over the past few months – Your furnace may be running inefficiently. If there has been no change in usage or if the increase doesn’t seem logical, give a call to technicians offering furnace and air conditioning services in Metairie, LA. They can figure out what is going wrong with your system before things get worse. Your HVAC technician will make sure everything is working properly, including flue gas temperatures and exhaust flow, the furnace filter is clean and does not restrict airflow to your system.

Your home does not warm up as it used to – There may be an issue with the fan within or outside of your furnace. You should also check for a dirty air filter which increases energy usage. Schedule for a professional furnace or AC repair in Metairie, LA.

The blower motor makes strange noises when running- This could indicate that dirt has accumulated in the bearings causing them to fail prematurely.

You notice odd sounds coming from your furnace – A rattling noise may indicate that one of the furnace access panels has come loose and is not sealing properly. The same issue may happen in your air conditioning system in Metairie, LA.

The fan motor making strange noises – Some sounds are normal from metal fatigue, but abnormal or unusual noises should be investigated right away as this could signal something more serious such as motor failure. Call and fix an appointment for the best air conditioning repair in Metairie, LA.

When you turn on your thermostat it takes too long for the hot air to circulate- If there’s been no change in usage and the system doesn’t seem to have enough power then call a technician who is well versed in heating in Metairie, LA. A dirty air filter can restrict airflow causing an underpowered heating system that will take longer to warm up when called upon. If everything checks out with your equipment but you’re still noticing these symptoms, give us a ring!

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