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A/C Unit Services Metairie


Routine maintenance on your air conditioning system Metairie can save you time, money and headaches. According to experts, your home air conditioning unit should have servicing by an A/C services provider once a year. Spring is usually the best time. With that being said, to make sure your A/C system is working efficiently, some “housekeeping” on a regular basis will be needed.

Why Are A/C Services Important?
  1. Your health is important, stay healthy – breathing clean air is as important, if your A/C seems to be clogged with bacteria, dust and dirt it can cause you and your family to experience various health issues. Having your A/C serviced will entail the cleaning of your A/C, leaving you with healthy air circulating around your space!
  2. Reduces Major breakdowns – having a broken A/C can be frustrating especially when the heat is at its peak, by servicing your A/C regularly, it will be a way to prevent any major breakdowns or malfunction issues.
  3. Remove air that’s smelly – often due to mold, dirt and bacteria, an odor emitting from your A/C unit can be experienced. If at any time you experience this, you will need to have your air conditioning system checked immediately.
Air Conditioning Repair Can Be Possible

During an A/C service, A/C repair can be detected. Not everyone is aware as to when their A/C needs to be serviced, and despite some obvious signs when it needs repair work done. Here are some signs your A/C may be in need of servicing or repairs:

  • Your A/C is not emitting cool air – while we are well aware that these units are also heaters, their main function is to produce cool air. Even after you’ve set your A/C to the coldest setting, if it’s still not cooling down, it is not working. Simple.
  • There is no air flowing through the A/C – there’s a fan function that makes sure the air flows and moves around the room. If you cannot feel air flowing or if you can visibly see the fan not moving, it’s in need of A/C repair.
  • The A/C smells! – any odors from your A/C means there’s something burning or something that entered which should not be there!
  • The A/C has become noisy! – air conditioners are not designed to produce sound. They are efficient and beautiful and SILENT. If there are noises it could indicate that there’s parts out of place or worn out. An invader is possible too!
Be It A/C Unit Services or A/C Repair, Comfort Masters Have What You Need!

If your A/C just needs a regular check-up or a need a repair, count on us at Comfort Masters Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning. Call now on 504-285-9673 for comfort you deserve!

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